Manufacturer Vehicle Modification Make/Model/Year F/CMVSS 3011Fuel System Integrity FMVSS 2142Side Impact Protection and Side door Strength F/CMVSS 207 and 2104Seat and Seat Belt Anchorages
Sidewinder Conversions & Mobility Rear EntryLowered FloorChrysler Town & Country

Dodge Caravan



2009 – 2015

PASS PASS3 Driver fixed PASS
Front row passenger fixed PASS
Second row driver side fixed bucket seat. PASS
Second row passenger side fixed bucket seat PASS
Second row three position bench PASS
Third row driver side 2 position bi-fold PASS
Third row passenger side 2 position bi-fold PASS

Note: Changes to the 2012 model years were inspected, information provided by the original vehicle manufacturer was reviewed and engineering specialists consulted, indicating that the 2012 model years compliance requirements considered in the NMEDA review are pass-thru from the 2011 model so long as alterers have not changed any part of their design and no vehile alterations were performed in front of the vehicle “A” pillar.

1 All requirements of the F/CMVSS 301 were reviewed

2 FMVSS 214 is not applicable to vehicles with a GVWR greater than 6,000 pounds. The dynamic requirements of S7 were reviewed for information purposes only. Only the static requirements of S3 apply to Canadian vehicles.

3 Sidewinder Conversions & Mobility compliance documents were reviewed for the CMVSS 214 and the dynamic requirements of FMVSS 214 S7 (reviewed for information purposes only).

4 All static requirements of the F/CMVSS 207 and 210 were reviewed.