Manufacturer Vehicle ModificationMake/Model/Year

(see note below)

F/CMVSS 3011Fuel System
FMVSS 2082Occupant Frontal Crash Protection F/CMVSS 207 and 2103Seat and Seat Belt Anchorages
Rollx Vans Side Entry Lowered Floor Honda OdysseyHonda Rollx Vans Conversion

2011, 2012, 2013 

PASS PASS Driver removable seat PASS
Front row passenger removable seat PASS
Third row OEM 3 position split bench PASS

1 All requirements of the F/CMVSS 301 were reviewed

2 35 mph frontal impact requirements of the FMVSS 208, using two 50th percentile male test dummies, were reviewed (49CFR 571.208 S4.2.6, S4.2.7 and S5.1 (b) (2).

3 All static requirements of the F/CMVSS 207 and 210 were reviewed.