Manufacturer Vehicle Modification Make/Model/Year F/CMVSS 301Fuel System Integrity FMVSS 214Side Impact Protection and Side door Strength F/CMVSS 207 and 210Seat and Seat Belt Anchorages
Metal Works
Rear Entry

Lowered Floor

Short drop

Toyota Sienna

2011, 2012, 2013

PASS PASS Driver fixed PASS
Front row passenger fixed PASS
Second row driver side bi-fold bucket seat. PASS
Second row passenger side bi-fold bucket seat PASS
Second row OEM 2011 three position bench seat PASS
Second row OEM 2010 three position bench seat PASS
Third row driver two position bi-fold seat PASS
Third row passenger side bi-fold two position bench seat PASS

1 All requirements of the F/CMVSS 301 were reviewed

2 FMVSS 214 is not applicable to vehicles with a GVWR greater than 6,000 pounds. The dynamic requirements of S7 were reviewed for information purposes only. Only the static requirements of S3 apply to Canadian vehicles.

3 All static requirements of the F/CMSVV 207 and 210 were reviewed.