The Benefits of Purchasing from a NMEDA Member Dealer

As advocates and leaders in the mobility industry, NMEDA member dealers strive to provide persons with disabilities with a one-stop shop for quality wheelchair adapted vehicles. Thinking about purchasing your own mobility vehicle? The following are the top five reasons to purchase from a NMEDA dealer in your area.

Individual, In-Person Equipment Evaluations
NMEDA dealers are specially trained to be extremely knowledgeable across all facets of the mobility industry. Your local NMEDA dealer will be able to recommend specialized solutions for your specific needs and disabilities, ensuring your car or van is built to suit your every requirement.
Brand Name and Quality Products
Each handicap van conversion is completed using the latest and most advanced mobility technologies available, so you can be sure your vehicle is equipped with the best equipment and mobility solutions.
On-Site Local Support for Sales and Service
Choosing a NMEDA member dealer within your community also ensures you’ll always have a trusted partner whenever your vehicle needs to be serviced. Your NMEDA dealer will be able to provide you with quality assistance and support, without the need for a lengthy trip.
Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Accreditation
All NMEDA dealers are required to satisfy Quality Assurance Program requirements. Through rigorous and thorough training, annual conferences and informative materials, we are able to ensure each one of our members and dealers performs at the highest level of professionalism.
24-Hour Local Emergency Service
Wheelchair accessible vehicles are often the primary mode of transportation for individuals with disabilities and their families and an asset many rely on to get to medical appointments and everyday travel. For that reason, NMEDA member dealers offer 24/7 emergency services for all purchases made through our dealerships.

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