The NMEDA Difference

NMEDA promotes awareness of adaptive transportation solutions available to persons with disabilities, their families and their caregivers. Through the use of mobility equipment, Our members  are able to transform the lives of those living with disabilities and grant each of their clients added independence and the ability to get behind the wheel of their own wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Ensuring Reliability and Your Safety

Whether you’re a person with a disability, a dedicated caregiver or an able-bodied family member, safety is a universal concern and one of the main benefits of owning a vehicle designed for adaptive use. With adaptive equipment specifically designed to facilitate transportation for those with physical limitations, a wheelchair accessible van, truck or car can provide the added safety you need to feel confident and secure on the road.

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Quality Assurance Program

How Can an Adaptive Vehicle Change Your Life?

As more capable technologies and new advances in mobility equipment are made each day, wheelchair accessible vehicles have become more powerful than ever before. These specialized vehicle solutions have changed the lives of countless persons with disabilities and alleviated many everyday challenges for caregivers.

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"Thank you NMEDA for providing valuable information. My sister and I had to go to a wedding and thanks to you it was a much less stressful trip. Neither my sister nor I had any idea that accessible vans were available as rentals. When we found out, we got on the Internet and made the arrangements for one for the weekend. Because of where we live, we weren't able to get one close to home but did get one at our destination. Having the van made it so much easier, getting my sister to the various gatherings and shopping. We were both very thankful. Now that we have had the taste of freedom, we are even more determined to figure out how to get the financing for a van of our own. Just wanted to let you know how you are affecting lives with your work. Thank you again."
Diane Mensch

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