Keep Your Wheelchair Car or Van in Top Shape

Purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle from a NMEDA mobility equipment dealer ensures you’ll receive high-quality, professional assistance during and after your transaction. In order to ensure you’re always safe and comfortable while driving or riding in an adaptive car or van, our dealers and technicians are able to provide regular servicing and manufacturer warranties for your mobility vehicle.

Servicing Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We strongly recommend you purchase your mobility vehicle from a NMEDA dealer within your community. Because each wheelchair accessible vehicle conversion is unique to the driver’s needs, many dealers will only service mobility equipment brands that they offer within their dealership. By making the initial purchase locally, you’ll be ensuring that you’ll have a reputable service location to visit to keep up with your vehicle’s needs.As part of QAP requirements, NMEDA dealers also provide after hours service solutions, so you can be sure your driving needs are met around the clock.

Warranties on Adaptive Vehicles

Warranties can help you save money on operating costs over the lifetime of your equipment. All mobility equipment and modifications should come with a warranty and the dealer should always provide you with the terms in writing. Make sure you understand the terms, as some only cover parts, while others cover parts and labor. An extended warranty should also be considered, as repairs to mobility equipment can be expensive.Be sure to note that regular maintenance may be required for compliance with the terms of the warranty. Some specify a time period during which mobility equipment must be inspected and may differ from those for your vehicle. Mail in those cards for all equipment to ensure coverage.

Always insure a certified professional installs your mobility equipment, as damage caused by unapproved or improperly installed equipment might void your warranty.

All NMEDA dealers are required to be registered with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and sell mobility vehicles and modifications that comply with the regulations.

Call 888-DASH-2-DOT (888-327-4236) or go to NHTSA Website to verify your dealer is registered.