Minivans: The Versatile Choice in Mobility Vehicles

wheelchair-accessible-vanFor individuals that require more room to move around within the vehicle and additional mobility equipment conversion options but are not partial to the size of full size vans, a minivan could be the ideal choice. Wheelchair accessible minivans boast a wide range of conversion possibilities and can be equipped with mobility solutions that make driving and transpiration a real, safe and comfortable possibility for even those with severe disabilities. The following overviews a series of things you’ll have to take into consideration if you’re thinking about purchasing an adaptive minivan.

Side Entry
Minivans can typically accommodate wheelchair users through either side or rear entry methods. The option you choose will likely be determined by what you’re hoping to get from your minivan. A side-entry van allows for extra room for maneuverability because at least a portion of the floor of the vehicle is lowered. Side-entry vans allow passengers in wheelchairs to drive in the first or ride second row of seating and offer additional cargo storage space behind the third row. Theses vans also require extra space for ramp deployment upon parking.
Rear Entry
Rear entry vans typically involve a less expensive conversion than side entry vans, and are therefore a popular choice. These vans also do not require additional space for ramp deployment and can be entered or exited in even narrow parking spots. In rear-entry wheelchair vans, wheelchair passengers ride in a channel installed in the middle of the floor, from the second row to the rear of the van.
Fold-Out Ramps
Fold-out ramps can be quickly and easily deployed by pulling next to a curb, allowing for convenient access to your wheelchair accessible minivan. With incredible strength and durability, fold-out ramps are great options for passengers in wheelchairs. When not in use, these ramps sit on the floor of wheelchair accessible vans and extend outward in a folding motion when deployed.
In-Floor Ramps
As their name suggests, in-floor ramps are stowed under the floor of wheelchair accessible minivans, creating additional interior room for improved maneuverability. These ramps allow for an obstruction-free doorway and clean, uncluttered interior. In-floor models also provide added safety, as there are no components on the floor of the van that one might struggle maneuvering around.
Manual Ramps
Ideal for wheelchair users who will always travel with a companion, manual ramps are cost-effective mobility solutions. Available for both side and rear entry models, manual ramps must be raised and lowered by hand to use.
Power Ramps
With an automated ramp system, one click of key fob remote control can efficiently open the door to your accessible minivan and lower the installed ramp. This eliminates the need for caregivers to manually raise or lower ramps, thereby easing the physical toll these actions could eventually have.

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