Cruise about Town in a Wheelchair Accessible Low Speed Vehicle

Low speed vehicles (or LSVs) are a great choice for personal independence in towns, villages, and neighborhoods that allow them. By US law, a low speed vehicle can operate up to 25 miles per hour and can be gas operated or, in Canada, have an electric motor.

Several manufacturers are producing wheelchair accessible LSVs today. Typically, the user would enter from the rear and position their wheelchair directly in the driver position. Most wheelchair accessible LSVs are for a single occupant, so they are a great way to get around town or see friends and family, or just to run over to the local market.

For battery (electric) motors, the typical range is about 30 miles until a recharge is needed. Some battery powered LSVs have been tested and found to have the equivalent of greater than 150 MPG.

If you want to maintain an active lifestyle and be able to move around your neighborhood without the hassle of getting in and out of a conventional vehicle or minivan, an LSV can be a great choice – or also a good ‘alternative’ vehicle to have handy.

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