All About Full Sized Accessible Vans

When it comes to choosing and finding the perfect accessible vehicle for your needs, as well as those of your family or loved ones if they will also be using the vehicle, size is a big, important factor to take into consideration. Full sized accessible vans have a large footprint, however their size grants drivers and passengers with disabilities with additional flexibility when it comes to interior space for mobility and additional storage.

The following are common conversions included with full sized vans, as well as additional factors to take into consideration when choosing a mobility vehicle.

Engine Cover

One of the most important things to consider in choosing between a full size van and a mini van is the engine cover. How far does it extend into the vehicle? Does the engine cover become an obstacle to easy transfer or swiveling?

Occasionally, people have suffered injury to their feet, ankles and legs because their feet got caught between the engine cover and the seat. People who need additional space would require a full size mobility van, versus a wheelchair accessible mini van.

Raised Roofs
Another factor to consider is the height of headspace. Measure from the floor to the roof and then determine your seated height, obtained by measuring from the floor to the top of the head when you’re seated in a wheelchair. If you plan to drive or ride from your wheelchair you need enough room for movement. The necessary headspace in a full size van may be acquired by raising the roof (i.e., by cutting out the factory roof and adding a higher fiberglass top). There are several roof brands and models available, along with the cosmetics needed for an attractive van after the conversion.
Extended Bodies
If you are purchasing a full size van to use with a wheelchair lift, you will need a long wheelbase or an extended body. This will give you ample room to maneuver your wheelchair when entering and exiting the van.
Raised Doors
Don’t forget to measure the doors, as well. If you must make yourself shorter in order to enter the vehicle and a disability prevents you from bending your head forward, raised doors might be the solution.

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