Electronic Controls for Your Wheelchair Van

Those with a spinal cord injury, disabilities, limited dexterity or range of motion and other conditions may need more than low-tech or reduced effort hand controls to operate primary and secondary driving controls on an accessible vehicle.
With adaptive electronic controls, these functions are easily accessible even for those with significant physical limitations.

Gear Selector Extension Lever
This lever provides more leverage when shifting gears for those with limited mobility. It can be used with automatic transmissions only.
Keyless Ignition
A toggle switch or “keyless start function” provides remote control of ignition for those drivers unable to manipulate an ignition key.
Left Hand Gear Selector Extension Lever
This lever attaches to the gearshift lever and crosses to the left side of the steering column. It is for use only on vehicles with automatic transmission.7d
Powered Gear Selector
This allows a driver with an upper extremity dysfunction to shift gears with a toggle switch positioned where most convenient for the driver (usually the console).
Quad Control
This provides a handy location for all accessory controls and out-of-reach switches normally found on the dash.
Remote Wiper, Horn, Dimmer Switch, Signals and Headlight Controls
TNecessary vehicle functions that are difficult to access for drivers with disabilities can be relocated to be more convenient and operated by hand, elbow, head or knee, whichever works best for the driver’s specific needs.
Airbag Control Switches and Deactivation Shunts
Allows the removal or on/off control of OEM airbags when either the physical condition of the occupant or mounted equipment in the airbag deployment zone justifies this modification.
Right Hand Directional-Signal Extension Lever
This device attaches to the turn signal lever and crosses to the right side of the steering column for people unable to use their left hand.

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Manufacturers of These Products Include:

ACE MobilityAOI Electrical, LLC / Crescent Industries / Driving Systems, Inc. / Electronic Mobility Controls, LLC / Kempf, Inc. / MPS Corporation

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