Mobility Equipment in Action

Discover exactly how adaptive equipment can help transform your life. Have a look at this video to explore the many available options for your driving needs.



Care for Your Vehicle

When it comes to buying mobility equipment, the level of service and the warranty you receive are a big part of what you get for your money. In fact, service and warranty are as important as getting the right type of vehicle and making sure an accredited technician does the installation.

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Find the Right Mobility Equipment for You*

From hand controls that eliminate the use of foot-operated functions in a vehicle to wheelchair carriers to stow your wheelchair while driving, the following pages take a look at some of the specific product solutions available to drivers or passengers in wheelchairs or scooters.
* Listing on this website does not constitute an endorsement of products or services by NMEDA. Always consult a qualified NMEDA dealer before making any purchase decisions in order to ensure you’re matched with the proper equipment for your specific needs.
Acceleration and Braking
Electronic Controls
Full Size Vans
Low Speed Vehicles
Pick Up Trucks
Seating and Restraints
Steering Aids
Wheelchair Carriers