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Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to miss out on great summer vacation opportunities. There are hundreds of great locations around the US that you can easily reach with your wheelchair accessible vehicles. From coast to coast, you can enjoy the freedom of travel to a variety of destinations.

Here are seven of the best must-see destinations to see while traveling in – and out of – your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

1) New York City

Since this is one of the most popular cities in the world, there are designated tour groups that make it a priority that you can easily get around. From the Statue of Liberty to a Broadway show, you can still experience New York without any trouble.

2) New Orleans

See the Big Easy like never before. Whether it’s just a random trip for sightseeing or a Mardi Gras getaway, you’ll easily get around town. And when you’re out of your van, you’ll have no problems getting around this fun city. New Orleans is ranked in the top 20 of the most wheelchair accessible cities in the country.

3) Disney World

Disney may be known more for their appeal to the little ones but Disneyworld is great for adults, too. Better yet, the park is incredibly wheelchair accessible. There are even a variety of rides that are built to accommodate wheelchairs. One trip to Disneyworld and you’ll see why it is the “happiest place on Earth!”

4) Virginia Beach

Although this is a lesser-known beach attraction, Virginia Beach has a lot to offer. It’s a party beach and a refined sort of calm beach at the same time—depending on which time of summer you go. Best of all, Virginia Beach was also ranked as one of the 20 best wheelchair accessible cities in the US.

5) Yosemite National Park

With wheelchair accessible trails and even some wheelchair vans accessible RV areas, Yosemite is a must see. With its spectacular and inspiring scenery and countless outdoor activities—some of which are wheelchair friendly—there’s something for everyone at Yosemite.

6) Hawaii

Crystal blue waters, great music and beauty everywhere you look. What’s not to like? An abundance of hotels and recreational activities are wheelchair friendly across all islands. Rated time and time again as one of the most handicap accessible getaway spots, Hawaii is the perfect place to escape this summer.

7) Lake Tahoe

With scenic views from every angle of this grand lake, plus the patios and docks that are wheelchair accessible, Lake Tahoe is a hidden gem of tourist destinations.  Although it is a very nature-oriented destination, it’s very accessible for your wheelchair accessible vehicles. Enjoy a quiet stroll along one of the wheelchair accessible trails or a drink on a scenic patio. This is the perfect place to get away and just relax!

So as you can see, being in a wheelchair is no reason to miss out on great vacation opportunities. If you need help planning for your trip, we recommend visiting the National Spinal Cord Association.

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