Steering Aids: Which to Choose?

Choosing the right steering aid for handicap accessible vehicles can make a driver’s experience behind the wheel safer and more comfortable. For those living with disabilities, these modifications may mean transferring control from one part of the body to another or reducing the effort required to maneuver the vehicle. With a number of different options available, NMEDA can help you find the steering aid that suits your every need.

Steering Knobs
Steering wheel extensions are amongst the most popular adaptive equipment and allow drivers to navigate the car or van with a single hand or arm. There are several different types of knobs and extensions for wheels, including tri-pins, cuffs, V-grips and palm grips, which modify how the
wheel is turned.

Foot Steering Control
For drivers unable to use a vehicle’s wheel with their hands or arms, a foot steering system can be installed. This transfers control from the upper body to the lower half, allowing for safe and comfortable steering.

Low or No Effort Steering
These modifications reduce the effort required to steer a vehicle by 40 to 70 percent, respectively. By doing so, the van or car becomes easier to steer, especially for a person with limited mobility or upper body strength.

One Hand Drive Control System
This option is much more than a steering aid – it is a multi-faceted vehicle control panel that gives you the ability to operate the throttle, brakes and steering with a single hand. With its main component being a knob on the wheel, this system makes it easy for drivers with disabilities to
maneuver the car with minimal effort.

Because each system is suited for different needs, locating and consulting a NMEDA dealer prior to purchase can help make this decision much easier. As always, don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more mobility resources and updates!

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate for mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. If you need help with converting or buying a handicap accessible car, truck or van, please consider one of our mobility equipment dealers.

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