Since 2006, the Special Kids Fund (SKF) has been dedicated to providing access to adapted mobility vehicles for those in need through the MagicMobility program. This program is designed to collect donated accessible vans and transfer them to families of individuals with disabilities. SKF also works to provide funding for families to purchase a handicap van conversion and have dealerships refurbish older and higher mileage vans for the needy.

What began years ago as SKF’s local “Donate a Car” fundraiser, asking those who do not need their wheelchair accessible van anymore to donate it to a family in need, has grown to be a nationwide program to fit the needs of those around the country. Because of the dedication and generous donations of those involved with SKF, this organization is now best known for their wheelchair van assistance program for the underprivileged.

Famous Founders

The name of one of SKF’s founders, Jerry Greenfield, may sound familiar as a part of your favorite ice cream brand’s delicious duo Ben & Jerry’s. Also, if you’ve watched Seinfeld you may know co-star Jason Alexander, who is another one of the organization’s founders. These founders, along with all the other dedicated SKF partners, have brought their wisdom and experience to guide this organization to success.

NMEDA’s Partnership with SFK’s MagicMobility

NMEDA and SKF share a common goal of providing wheelchair accessible vehicles to those in need. NMEDA is proud to partner with SKF through the MagicMobility program to improve the lives of others through the use of quality accessible transportation. Through this partnership, NMEDA hopes to raise awareness about resources offered by SKF to help people with disabilities get one step closer to living a more mobile lifestyle. For more information about this partnership or to apply for assistance through SKF, contact Daniel Goodman, Founder and President at or 732-397-5056

Unique Fundraising

SKF uses CharityChoice, a leader in creating channels for charitable giving for over 1000 charities, to help increase awareness and donations for the MagicalMobility program. The two services tied to SKF on CharityChoice are the Charity Gift Cards and Donate Your Gift Card Balance programs. CharityChoice is an ‘Official Donation Site’ of the American Red Cross and all donations, whether through CharityChoice or directly to SFK’s MagicMobility program, are tax-deductible. To learn more about becoming a donor, visit and

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate of mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. If you need help with converting or buying a handicap accessible van, car or truck, please consider one of our Quality Assurance Program mobility equipment dealers.

17 responses to “Bringing the Magic of Mobility to Those in Need

  1. We have a 25 year old daughter who is confined to a wheelchair, she really enjoys goin for a drive, we can really benefit from having a wheelchair accessible van,

  2. How do I apply to become a possible beneficiary of this program? I am in need of assistance paying for hand controls for my van. I have Multiple Sclerosis and need hand controls to drive. I have been begging people to drive me everywhere and have totally lost my independence and have become pretty much housebound. Please forward information on how apply for your help.

  3. Just starting into getting a handicap van for my wife. I`m looking into funding or Grants or any kind of help we can get. I`m working on my disability too. and I cant lift on her to get her in the car. A van would help so much, we use the area aging vans to go to the doc`s, but theres things my wife needs to take care of, and cant even ride to town anymore, so she has to sit at home all the time. I would love any and all help I can get to help me get her out again.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Visit the Dealer Locator here to find a NMEDA dealer near you. They will guide you through the process in purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  4. I have a daughter with cerebral palsy that is need of a van . Where can I get help?

    1. Hi Cassandra,

      Visit the Dealer Locator here to find a NMEDA dealer near you. They will guide you through the process in purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  5. Hi I’m paraplegic and have been for many years and not being able to drive a vehicle that is suitable for me and my family is beginning to take a tole on all of us! I have a manual wheelchair that does not disassemble like most so putting a wheelchair in the backseat with my children gets very uncomfortable. Please i would love a van accessible for not just me but for my whole family. It can be used , I just need room… Thank You

  6. Please help me, I am now physically disabled, either bed bound or wheelchair bound. I can not walk. My husband and I have a 13 year old son,who we’ve had to pull out of public school and open a home school for him. Arter seeing he is very isolated and having no socialization we are opening up our home for a homeschool co-op. Where I need help is this. Because of my physical limitations.. I am not able to take him places to socialize or to the doctor or to therapy or anywhere. We desperately need a wheelchair accessible van or mini bus, so that I can take him where he can participate with other special needs teens in sports or activities. To his doctor or to teen dances.. So that he can participate in things that nuerotypical teens do.
    Please if there is an organization who can help us or an individual. Please.. Everything I do is for my son. I need help with this. Please help me help my son. Thank you,Lisa Vine

  7. I have 2005 Dodge gran caravan I have spent SO much money trying to fix the ramp only for it to stop working the next day. after taking it back to the mobility shop they told me I needed a motor for the ramp I have paid over $5,000 the last three years just for work on the ramp, this dose not include other repairs, i need help,I HAVE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY,but I’am home bound for like of transportation. please help me.I really need help with a grant or financing of another van.(PLEASE HELP) I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP I CAN GET. THANK YOU, HELEN ATKINS

  8. Help me please ! I have MS and know. Wheelchair dependent. Need help to purchase a a wheelchair aces sable van s. I can transport. My son to his after school things and myself to. Dr appointments. . Any assistance would be greatly available ! Any. Grant information would be great. Any advise regaurding buying a van would also be appreciated. Thank you. For your time.

  9. I am a handicapped senior-widow, who is asking humbly for help with getting a wheel-chair accessible suv or van. I lived in an abusive marriage for 10 years(he was a power-lifter who liked to kick my spine). Then a dr stuck a needle in the wrong spot and made me paralyzed in an arm/hand A backsurgery, made one foot paralyzed and hipreplacements on both sides made my hips so weak and together with osteoporosis and death of so many nerves in the pelvis, I can’t really walk. I used to be a fysical fitness-teacher and I suffer of isolation and I miss the walks in the nature so much. If I could get a grant for this kind of vehicle so I can get the el wheelchair with me out and driven by my care-taker- I would be the happiest person in this life. So I humbly ask for help with my dream come true and to get mobile, kind regards Anniqa Forss

  10. Please help we have a van with a lift which is down right Now.
    WE need help to get it fixed or a better van .
    WE are grandparents which have a 15 year old disabled 24 he care grandson which we have raised from birth and to put him in a home cause we had no to carry him to the doctors and other places we needed to carry him.
    I would love to get my baby back home where he belongs.

  11. I have a family friend that is a paraplegic and in great need for a van that will meet her needs to get to all of her appointments. She is a mother of 4 and would give you the shirt off of her back! Am I able to submit a request for her? I really want to help this family out, they do not have much! God Bless!