For seniors, having a safe, reliable method of transportation is one of the most important aspects of remaining active and content. However, getting behind the wheel of a standard vehicle may not be the most secure or comfortable option. If you’ve suffered an injury or have limited range of motion, driving can be difficult without certain modifications. An adaptive vehicle can completely change the way you check off your daily to-dos by transforming your daily commute and providing a solution that’s customized to your driving needs.

If you are a senior driver, here are a few things to look for in your next handicap accessible vehicle.

Adaptive Equipment that Fits Your Needs

Every driver has unique needs. Adaptive driving equipment can help bridge the gap between those needs and standard automobiles. The best place to start when it comes to determining exactly what kind of equipment you need to be safe on the road is a QAP-NMEDA accredited mobility dealership. There, you can talk to a mobility expert, be referred to a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist if needed, and get to know your vehicle options.

Consider the Make and Model of your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Choosing a vehicle is a highly personal process. Your van, car, SUV, or truck should fit you and your lifestyle perfectly. For senior drivers, accessibility can play a big role in make and model selection. Is there a high step to get into the driver’s seat? Can the seat be adjusted to fit your height and provide an adequate field of vision? Many senior drivers opt for SUVs or minivans for their everyday driving needs as these vehicles provide a good view of the road while remaining easily accessible for a person with limited mobility. No matter what your needs are, NMEDA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers can help you choose a make and model that is just right for you.

Look for Accessibility Features

Keyless entry, adjustable steering wheels, parallel parking assistance, back-up cameras, GPS and power locks and windows—these are just a few of the features we’re seeing pop up in more and more vehicles. These additions are particularly useful for older drivers or drivers with disabilities as they boost accessibility throughout the vehicle. Many of these features can also be added to older or used models, or installed by the professionals at your local NMEDA dealership.

As a driver, you should feel confident, comfortable and safe in your own vehicle, regardless of age or physical challenges. NMEDA can help you. Find a NMEDA QAP accredited dealer near you to explore your safe driving options today.

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  1. my uncle has problems with his legs, so driving is becoming difficult for him. i was looking into getting him hand controls for his car. he is a VET and i am just trying to get some information for him.