Course and Requirements

NOTICE: The Board of Directors has voted on and passed a new requirement that every NMEDA-QAP Dealer member have a Training Certificate on file at each location indicating who has taken and successfully passed NMEDA’s QAP 1-2-3 online courses. The Board also directed that RADCO auditors begin auditing for compliance beginning 7/1/13.

Now that QAP participation is required for all NMEDA Dealer members it just makes good business sense to have people trained in QAP and the NMEDA Guidelines at every location. Having proven QAP experts on staff makes it possible for you to maintain an advantage on your competition, reduce potential liabilities, and provide “best in class” service to your customers. The participant will gain an introduction to best practice safety guidelines and operational procedures for the automotive mobility equipment industry as regulated by the NMEDA Quality Assurance Program. This three part course will be useful for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists who collaborate and work closely with NMEDA QAP Dealers.

NMEDA provides QAP 1-2-3 courses free to all Dealer members upon request. An official 2-year hard copy certificate is available for QAP-3 Guidelines Training as a stand-alone unit or for QAP 1-2-3 as a bundled course. Please specify if you want to take the courses for credit (certificate) or audit only. This course is accredited by ADED for 3 contact hours and has a 2-year certificate awarded upon successful completion & 75% or higher score.

Here’s a summary of each section below:

Course & Description Objectives
QAP 1 – Introduction to NMEDA’s Quality Assurance Program for the Mobility Equipment Industry Briefly explains many benefits Dealers will realize from QAP. Give details on the quick 6 step enrollment process.
QAP 2 – Audit Preparation- what best practices are inspected at QAP participating NMEDA Dealers. Step by step guide through the Quality Control Manual, pre-inspection preparation, and post-inspection accreditation. QAP 1-2 bundle requires 75% min. cum. score for 2-year certificate.
QAP 3 – Guidelines Training—Review of entire NMEDA Guidelines best practices. Learn how-to understand and implement NMEDA Guidelines best practices. 75% minimum cumulative score for 2-year certificate
QAP 1-2-3 – Bundled course containing QAP 1-2-3 above Same Objectives as above, 75% minimum cumulative score for 2-year certificate

Registration and Payment Details

Click the REGISTER ONLINE link below to begin the registration process. You will be directed to to the NMEDA Member Portal.

If your company is a NMEDA Member you MUST log in to the Member Portal in order to register for the course. If you do not know your login info, ask your administrator or select “Download Form” to register below. Non-NMEDA Members may simply register for the course by downloading the registration form.

  1. Once you log in and/or begin the registration process, you will be taken to the My Events page where you will see a list of events you have signed up for in the past, if any. Bypass this list and click on Register for Another Event.
  2. Select “QAP 1-2-3 Online Course” from the list of available training courses and events. (Or whichever portion of the QAP Online Courses you wish to sign up for. One person in your organization can take QAP 1-2, while another takes QAP 3. Your company will qualify for the full certificate that is looked for during an audit.)
  3. Fill out each piece of information asked in order during registration. It is important that you accurately enter the TRAINEE’S information as the “Attendee”, including their name, individual email, etc.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the check out process on the NMEDA Member Portal.
  5. NMEDA will then send an email to each attendee/trainee registered. This email will contain a unique link they may use to take the online course. This link may be used ONLY by that individual trainee, since it tracks their progress, transmits the information back to your company’s record within our database and provides each trainee with a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Tutorial Info Sheets

Download and print our 1-page tutorials on how to register and find your current or past NMEDA Online Training Records.

How to Register for Online Training How to Find Your Training Record

Here’s what happens after a trainee has been registered for the course:

  1. The trainee will receive an email immediately after registration. This email will contain their unique training link, plus a user ID and password to access the link in the future. This email should be retained for future reference.
  2. They may log in to their unique training link and “launch” the course. They will begin the course at a “Where do you want to go?” landing page.
  3. When the trainee finishes the course, they will take the quiz at the end—it’s open book.  The quiz must be taken in one session.
  4. If the trainee needs to come back to the course or to retake the quiz they can follow the same email link and use the “Where do you want to go?” landing page.
  5. If the trainee passes the quiz, they will automatically be emailed a digital certificate. We will not send a hard copy certificate, but the record will be stored online in our Member Portal.
  6. Course results, including score and certificate expiration date for each trainee, will be updated in the company’s record within 24 hours after completion.
  7. If the trainee does not pass the quiz the first time, they may log in and take the quiz again in one session.

QAP 1-2-3 Online Course Cost:

FREE for NMEDA Members

$20 for ADED Members (verified)

$30 for Non-NMEDA and NON-ADED Members

Register Online Download Form

To register online: Click the link above, log into your account and click on “Register for Another Event”.
Then select “QAP 1-2-3 Online Course”. Enabled/refreshed cookies are required to retain information in the registration process.

Questions or Support? Email NMEDA at

Be sure to provide your call-back number in your email message.