A Members Only Technician Training Program

The NMEDA Certified Technician Program is intended to standardize technical competency for the automotive mobility industry.

The courses in this program cover the basic levels of knowledge, skills and abilities needed for you to perform optimally as a Service Department Technician. NMEDA technician certification is a means through which a technician can prove their abilities to themselves, to their employer and to their customers. By passing the courses in this Certification program you will earn the most valuable credential available in our industry. You’ll also have the satisfaction of proving to yourself that you are among the best in the business.

NCT Certification is only available to technicians of QAP-accredited institutions.


A note to all NMEDA Dealers:

Now that QAP participation is required for all NMEDA Dealer members, it just makes good business sense to also have service department technicians trained in essential electrical concepts, QAP and the NMEDA Guidelines at every location. Having a NMEDA Certified Technician (NCT) on staff makes it possible for you to maintain an advantage on your competition, reduce potential liabilities and provide “best in class” service to your customers.

On September 17, 2015, the Board of Directors voted and passed a new requirement that every NMEDA QAP Dealer member must have at least one NMEDA Certified Technician at each location who has taken and successfully passed NMEDA’s Certified Technician online program. The Board also directed that RADCO auditors begin auditing for compliance beginning 1/1/16.

NCT registration requires a unique business or personal email address for your technician. The complete set of courses takes about 8 hours to complete and can be started and completed online anytime, anywhere. They do not have to be taken all at one time. The NCT Final Test is unlocked and available for use 24 hours AFTER all course pre-requisites are successfully completed and validated in your NMEDA member account. A 75% or higher score is required to pass and a 2-year certificate will be issued. A technician with any unexpired required NCT course certificates will automatically receive credit toward the NCT requirements.

The NCT program has 7 components. Electrical Training 1 covers basic electrical concepts. Electrical Training 2 addresses more advanced topics. QAP 1 explains the benefits and advantages of being QAP compliant. QAP 2 explains the QC Manual and instruction on pre/post preparation for your audit. QAP 3 details NMEDA Guidelines and best practices. QAP 4 is an overview of QAP rules and policies. The Make Inoperative Module shows you how and when to apply the exemption. Fasteners Training covers bolt grades, threads, and adhesives. Shop Safety Module covers general practices and procedures recommended by OSHA.  The NCT Certification exam is a 50-question test, based on the 6 courses of the program.

You must meet this requirement with at least one technician at each location, but you may sign up as many attendees as you wish. The certification is portable and stays with the technician. The NCT program does not pre-empt any manufacturer required trainings.  The NCT courses must be taken from a laptop or desktop in desktop mode only. Course will not display on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop/desktop in tablet mode.

All courses in this level are included for just one bundled registration fee of $100.

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A 2-year recertification test is also available for $25.
(Only to renew expired certificate. More info below.)

How Do I Become a NMEDA Certified Technician?

  1. Log in to your member account and click “Register for another event”.
  2. Select NMEDA Certified Technician (NCT Full 7-Course Registration) from the list of available events.
  3. Complete courses #1-7 in the Required Course Checklist below.

You must successfully complete ALL online courses #1-7 BEFORE you can take the online NMEDA Certification Test (#8 in the checklist).

How to Register for Online Training How to Find Your Training Record

Recertification is required after the initial 2-year certificate expires.
Register for NCT Recertification ($25) –  NMEDA Certified Technicians are required to take a recertification test after their current certificate expires. The recertification test is 50 questions covering all courses in the NCT and is valid for another 2 years. If the technician successfully passes the recertification test, it is not necessary to retake the course modules.  If the technician does not pass the recertification test, or is employed by a different NMEDA dealer, it will be necessary to complete all courses of the NCT to become certified. (Select “NCT Recertification (Test Only)” when registering for this renewal.)



An individual applying for a NMEDA Technician Certification will be audited for the following:

  • Unexpired Manufacturer Product Training Certificates for the products you install or service.
  • NMEDA online training check list verifiable through the NMEDA database.
  • A recorded Certification Test score of 75% or better.

Certification will be required to be renewed every two years. Renewal will require:

  • Additional and/or renewed manufacturer training certificates (if applicable).
  • Pass or complete any new elements or training as prescribed by NMEDA.
  • Passing score on the Certification test.

NMEDA Certified Technician (NCT) Curriculum

# Course Description/Pre-requisites Estimated Time Online Pre-Requisites Required
Valid Fee
1 Electrical Part 1 Basic Electrical Concepts 2.0 hours None 75%+ 2+2 yrs. NCT bundle
2 Electrical Part 2 Advanced Electrical Concepts 1.5 hour None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
3 QAP 1 – Introduction Features and benefits of QAP program 2.5 hours None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
QAP 2 – Audit Preparation QC Manual / pre and post inspection preparation None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
QAP 3 – NMEDA Guidelines Training “How-to” guide on understanding / implementing NMEDA Guidelines None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
4 QAP 4 – Rules Training Overview of QAP rules and policies 0.5 hour None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
5 MIM – Make Inoperative Module How / when to apply Make Inoperative 0.25 hour None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
6 Fasteners 1 & 2 See description below* 0.75 hour None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
7 Shop Safety & Hazardous Chemicals Module General safety procedures recommended by OSHA 0.75 hour None 75%+ 2 yrs. NCT bundle
 8 NMEDA Certification Test 50 question test covering courses #1-7 above 0.5 hour  #1-7 above 75%+  2 yrs. NCT bundle

*ID grade 2,5,8 bolt markings / what they mean, Importance of proper torque specs, What causes failures / shearing, Proper length / size of bolt (safety margin of threads coming through nut), ID USS thread vs SAE thread pitch, Loctite vs. lock washer vs. nylon nut, Split lock washer and internal/external tooth washer, Rivets-steel and aluminum.

Tutorial Info Sheets

Download and print our 1-page tutorials on how to register and find your current or past NMEDA Online Training Records.

How to Register for Online Training How to Find Your Training Record