NMEDA-Manufacturer Required Electrical Training

An unexpired ET-1 or ET-1 Test only certificate is a mandatory requirement for entry to BraunAbility and VMI manufacturer trainings.

Course and Requirements

The NMEDA Electrical Training Online Part 1 is basic Electrical training generic to the industry. You must score 75% or higher to pass and receive a 2-year certificate. You can retake the tests as many times as needed. The course takes about 2.5-3 hours to complete and can be taken anytime. The certificate is accepted by both BraunAbility and VMI to satisfy  pre-hands-on training requirements for that trainee and is valid for 2 years.  ET-1 recertification is required only once if technician remains with same employer at time of recertification. If technician is employed by a different company, a new ET-1 certificate and two-year recertification will be required.

Registration and Payment Details

Click the REGISTER ONLINE link below to begin the registration process. You will be directed to to the NMEDA Member Portal.

If your company is a NMEDA Member you MUST log in to the Member Portal in order to register for the course. If you do not know your login info, ask your administrator or select “Download Form” to register below. Non-NMEDA Members may simply register for the course by downloading the registration form.

  1. Once you log in and/or begin the registration process, you will be taken to the My Events page where you will see a list of events you have signed up for in the past, if any. Bypass this list and click on Register for Another Event.
  2. Select “Electrical Training Part 1 (ET-1)” from the list of available training courses and events. (Or you may elect to take the “Test Only” option, which includes the test only with no lecture slides.)
  3. Fill out each piece of information asked in order during registration. It is important that you accurately enter the TRAINEE’S information as the “Attendee”, including their name, individual email, etc.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the check out process on the NMEDA Member Portal.
  5. NMEDA will then send an email to each attendee/trainee registered. This email will contain a unique link they may use to take the online course. This link may be used ONLY by that individual trainee, since it tracks their progress, transmits the information back to your company’s record within our database and provides each trainee with a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
  6. The ET-1 course must be taken from a laptop or desktop in desktop mode only. Course will not display on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop/desktop in tablet mode.

Tutorial Info Sheets

Download and print our 1-page tutorials on how to register and find your current or past NMEDA Online Training Records.

How to Register for Online Training How to Find Your Training Record

Here’s what happens after a trainee has been registered for the course:

  1. The trainee will receive an email immediately after registration. This email will contain their unique training link, plus a user ID and password to access the link in the future. This email should be retained for future reference.
  2. They may log in to their unique training link and “launch” the course. They will begin the course at a “Where do you want to go?” landing page.
  3. When the trainee finishes the course, they will take the quiz at the end—it’s open book.  The quiz must be taken in one session.
  4. If the trainee needs to come back to the course or to retake the quiz they can follow the same email link and use the “Where do you want to go?” landing page.
  5. If the trainee passes the quiz, they will automatically be emailed a digital certificate. We will not send a hard copy certificate, but the record will be stored online in our Member Portal.
  6. Course results, including score and certificate expiration date for each trainee, will be updated in the company’s record within 24 hours after completion.
  7. If the trainee does not pass the quiz the first time, they may log in and take the quiz again in one session.  It may be necessary to flush browser cookies to retake the quiz.

Electrical Training Part 1 Online Course Cost:

NMEDA QAP Members: $50
Non-QAP/Non-Members: $100
Test Only: $15

Register Online Download Form

Questions or Support?

Email learning@nmeda.org.

Be sure to provide your call-back number in your email message.

Deadline to Complete the Pre-requisite Training

Each manufacturer will set a deadline for your technicians to successfully pass the NMEDA Electrical Training Online. They will set their deadline with enough reasonable time prior to their hands-on training.


  • Dealers will be able to get Basic Electrical Training Part 1 requirement fulfilled before techs enter Braun, VMI, Bruno or ElDorado hands-on trainings. In other words, two requirements filled in one place instead of two places – a first for this type of industry training!
  • Having one of the three typical training days online makes it possible for us to offer this training at alower price than ever before.
  • Increased trainee accountability via online test tracking will ensure that dealers’ investment in the training results in real learning outcomes. Techs can’t advance until they pass and they won’t pass unless they’ve really mastered the material.
  • “Industry wide best practices” means that for the first time in this industry, we’ll have a curriculum that all of the major manufacturers have agreed is essential for dealer techs to learn.
  • “Saves Dealer travel time and opportunity costs” means that because we will offer only 2 day hands-on electrical training instead of 3 days (online course covers that missing day) our costs will be lower and so will the Dealers’ opportunity costs (there is a detailed calculation in this attachment showing how they’ll save up to $1010 / technician by participating in Basic Electrical Training Part 1.)

Electrical Training Part 2

Advanced Electrical Training Part 2 Course

NMEDA recently released an all new Advanced Electrical Training online course that covers modern components. The course is a required component of the NCT (NMEDA Certified Technician) program.  However, it is available for purchase as an individual course as well.  Follow the register online link below.

Register Online

To register online: Click the link above, log into your account and click on “Register for another event”. Then select “Electrical Training Part 2