May 13, 2020 — Albany, NY

Course Description and Outline

This Lunch & Learn course contains a range of topics pertaining to personal automotive mobility solutions. It will assist the allied health care practitioner in understanding and advocating for individuals seeking automotive vehicle modification solutions, while also teaching practitioners about the unique process involved in evaluating and purchasing appropriate automotive options.

Continuing Education Provider: NMEDA
Target Audience: OT, OTA, PT, PTA, Case Managers, ATP, Students and Other Health Professionals
AOTA Classification Code: Category 2 Occupational Therapy Process,
Topic: Intervention
Education Level: Introductory

National Accreditations: AOTA (.1 CEU), ADED (.1 CEU), CCMC (1 CEH), AKTA (1 CEH)

All Lunch & Learn Trainers are experienced mobility equipment professionals who have successfully completed NMEDA’s Lunch & Learn Trainer Certification process.


Hear what previous attendee, Jill Suess, has to say about the CAMS-HP Course

Cancellation Policy

Activity Cancellation by the Provider
The Provider (NMEDA) reserves the right to cancel the course due to unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances at any time. Any tuition fees will be refunded in full. However, NMEDA will not be responsible for non-refundable airline and hotel reservations that a participant may incur due to cancellation of the course. NMEDA reserves the right to change a course date, location, or instructor.

With this in mind, we recommend that you include a cancellation clause when booking your flight or hotel reservations, or refrain from making the reservations until one week prior to the scheduled training.