What is the requirement for 24 hour service?

It is a required practice for all NMEDA dealers to provide customers with 24 hour, seven-day-a-week service response.  NMEDA dealers are expected to have a system in place which allows customers easy access to an after-hours answering service, or service telephone number, or service beeper number.  Subsequently, NMEDA dealers are expected to respond to a service call promptly, and provide emergency assistance as warranted.  It is highly recommended for the dealer to outline their response system in writing, maintained with the dealers other standard operating procedures.

The after-hours service person responding is expected to:

  • Respond within 30 minutes to a service call.
  • Verify that the situation is not life threatening.
  • Confirm whether or not the problem is related to the conversion.
  • Attempt to talk the customer through a corrective action/emergency backup procedure.
  • Confirm that the customer has completed the necessary corrective action and can safely get to his/her destination, and advise the customer to call again with any other problems.

NOTE: If the customer cannot complete the corrective action, the dealer is expected to advise the customer that a service person will be dispatched.

Where can I find information on ADA laws affecting small businesses?
You can find information on ADA Compliance by clicking on the following link: http://www.ada.gov/
What do I need to do to drop or add a QAP category?
In order to drop a category, you must contact the QAP Coordinator by calling 813.264.2697. If you would like to add a category, you must furnish NMEDA with any additional documentation (i.e., welding certificate for structural category and additional training certificates) and make the changes to your Quality Control Manual.
What if I’m late with my membership or QAP fees?
If a dealer is thirty days past due in paying NMEDA membership or QAP inspection fees, accreditation will be suspended until payment is received.
Where do I purchase QAP labels and when should I apply them?
QAP labels can be purchased from NMEDA by completing the Supply Order Form. Use this QAP Label Decision Tree to help determine when to apply your labels.
Who should sign off on Final Inspection if I’m the only technician?
If in the rare case that there is only one person qualified to inspect the work that is done in the shop, that technician must sign off on their own work. In any other case, another qualified technician or inspector must sign off on the Final Inspection.
When should I update my Quality Control Manual?

Your QC Manual must be updated any time there is a change with:

  • Ownership
  • Your address
  • Changes to employee’s that affect the quality organization (org chart)
  • The QAP Contact (primary or secondary)
  • Your product listing changes (adding or removing items)
  • Your Test and Measurement Equipment/Tools listing
  • Any of your processes or forms called out in your existing manual change

If it is an Appendix (addendum) change only, the Appendix is all you need to submit. If there were changes to the body of your manual, It is preferred you submit the entire manual. As a minimum, you need to submit any/all sections/pages of the manual that were changed.  Submit to NMEDA membership or QAP Coordinator electronically to qap@nmeda.org or via fax to  (813) 962-8970.

Where can I purchase four-corner scales?

There are several places you can purchase the scales.  Here are a couple of the companies you can contact for pricing and additional information:

US: (800) 328-3336
Worldwide: (763) 476-2531

Longacre Racing Products, Inc.
US: (800) 423-3110
Worldwide: (360) 453-2030

Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A, Inc.
Worldwide: (586) 774-2500

A minimum of 2,500 Ibs capacity for each wheel pad is recommended.

For more information on scales and other tool requirements, click here.

Can I subcontract work to other dealers?
Yes, but it must be another QAP accredited dealer. Shops that subcontract structural modifications in their entirety will not be considered Structural Modifiers. Shops performing structural modifications that subcontract only their welding to certified welders will be considered Structural Modifiers.
When do I use the Load Carrying Capacty Label and where do I purchase them?

Information on when and where to apply the Load Carrying Capacity Label can be found in the NMEDA Guidelines Appendix D.

The Load Carrying Capacity Label can be purchased from NMEDA by filling out the supply order form and faxing to (813) 962-8970.

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