Labeling Instructions:

Reference NMEDA/QAP Rules Section V-B, Paragraphs 1-3

B. Labeling and Label Log:

The purpose of the labeling program is to track all vehicles modified or sold by QAP dealers. The NMEDA QAP label is to be placed on ALL vehicles modified with new and/or used equipment in accordance with the NMEDA Guidelines. NMEDA or their representative will track the sale and use of these labels. To help you figure out what need to be labeled, take a look at our QAP Label Decision Tree.

The dealer must purchase labels from the auditing firm at a cost of $2.00 per label. (Click here for the Label Order Form.) If the dealer has an outstanding balance the labels will not be shipped until all fees are current. This Fee is subject to change periodically.

The QAP requires a dealer to have a label log, maintained in the following format. The label log binder is to be assembled with the Label Use Summary sheet for each month followed by the individual detailed label report forms for that month sorted with the latest month first. The QAP label number is to be applied to the inspection sheets that are contained in the Customer’s file for cross-referencing. This process does not need to be retroactive, as the auditors will be looking at the most current examples of the dealer’s work. A chronologically sorted label log is considered a valuable resource. In addition to aiding the auditor, it will be valuable to the dealer in monitoring monthly activity and would be invaluable, in the event they were called upon to carry out a recall.

QAP reporting requirements will reflect label usage data on the Label Use Summary Form and Label Use Forms. This will provide data on dealer activity including how many labels were used and what types of equipment were installed. The Label Use Summary Form and Label Use Forms must be submitted electronically to the auditing firm at the beginning of each month. All US dealer information is to be sent to the following e-mail address:

Penalties for infraction: If after sixty (60) days from the original due date, the label reports have not been received by the auditing firm, your QAP status will be temporarily suspended from the program. The appropriate State agency and manufacturers that offer QAP discounts will immediately be notified of your suspension. To be reinstated, NMEDA must verify that the delinquent reports have been received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What must be labeled?
A good reference guide for what should be labeled is the NMEDA Label Reporting Form. If you have installed or sold an item that is listed on that form, the vehicle should have a label applied. If the adaptive equipment you installed does not appear on that list, call the NMEDA Quality Director for clarification. Maybe it is a new item that should be added to the list.
What about a vehicle I took in on trade that has adaptive equipment?
Referring again to the Membership Rules, it states “that the QAP label is to be placed on ALL vehicles modified with new and/or used equipment”. This clearly says “ALL vehicles” and “new and/or used” equipment so a vehicle with used equipment would need to be labeled. Any used equipment you sell and/or install should be brought up to the standard of the NMEDA Guidelines.
What about “pass-through” vehicles?
Yes, “pass-thorough” vehicles are “modified” and need to be labeled.
Do I have to label a vehicle that was previously labeled that is being resold to a different customer?
Yes, you should install a new label.

It is recommended that any existing adaptive equipment be removed, and that the vehicle be brought back as close to possible OEM condition. The vehicle is to be treated as a pass-through vehicle and duly noted on the QAP paperwork. A new QAP label must be installed.

If the vehicle is to be re-sold with the existing adaptive equipment, dealer must inspect all equipment that was previously installed for compliance with the specific equipment’s installation manual and the NMEDA guidelines. The selling dealer prior to the re-sale of the vehicle shall correct any discovered compliance deficiencies. All used equipment to be re-sold shall be noted as used in the QAP paperwork, including serial numbers. A new QAP label must be installed.

It is recommended that existing QAP label(s) remain on the vehicle.

What vehicles do not have to be labeled?
You do not have to label non-modified vehicles that you may take in on and turn around and sell. You also are not required to label vehicles which may be equipped with adaptive equipment to which you are only performing maintenance.

The Purpose and Benefit of the Label Process:

  1. It is an indication to the consumer that a quality process was followed along with the Guidelines and that quality/safety inspections were completed.
  2. It gives you, the dealer, a way to monitor the monthly activity within your dealership.
  3. It aids the auditor in identifying work done by you, it provides a way to track back to the installing dealer if there is ever a need to contact them.
  4. It provides a valuable resource in the event that you ever were called upon to carry out a recall and it provides data on dealer activity including how many labels were used and what types of equipment were installed.
  5. It provide traceability back to the dealer if a client or mechanic needs any specific information about what modification were performed.
  6. It is documentation that a quality control process exists and a strong indication it was followed should you ever need to provide such information in a Court of Law.