We Offer Several Benefits:

Member Recognition and Referrals
 NMEDA is the only authoritative organization whose sole purpose is to promote and build awareness for mobility products and services. NMEDA is a leader in promoting the association’s members and their products and services to advocacy and professional groups. Dealer members receive consumer referrals via the NMEDA web site and telephone. Manufacturer membership serves as a symbol of product preference among dealers and consumers.
Legislative and Standard Involvement
NMEDA is an information resource for legislative and regulatory changes in the industry and is a part of the legislative processes that affect dealers and how they do business. You will be advised of any actions that affect NMEDA and the industry. In addition, NMEDA’s representatives take active roles in standard-setting panels and agencies. Learn more about NMEDA’s advocacy initiatives.
Quality Assurance Program (QAP)
A requirement of all NMEDA Dealer members, in which they are audited for compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), “Make Inoperative” mandates and the NMEDA Guidelines. Participation in the program offers improvements for your business in marketing opportunities, business procedures, limiting liability, and it gives your customers access to a network of dealers across the country that promote, quality, safety, and reliability within the adaptive transportation industry. Learn more about the QAP Program.
Technical Training and Education
NMEDA offers training to ensure that technicians are properly trained to install and service mobility transportation equipment for the safety of people with disabilities. NMEDA offers hands on training along with special training opportunities when available. These opportunities allow NMEDA members to remain the best in the industry. Find out more about our member exclusive training.
Annual Conference
NMEDA provides a nationally recognized annual conference designed to keep all NMEDA members informed and educated through new product demonstrations, industry speakers/panels and business related workshops.
Industry Magazine – Circuit Breaker
NMEDA helps keep you in touch with the industry through its quarterly publication, the Circuit Breaker. Each issue includes: Product Information, Regional Reports, NHTSA updates, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). NMEDA’s magazine will keep you informed about NMEDA’s conference and other important industry news.
Mediation Services
NMEDA assists in resolving issues through Dealer, Manufacturer and Consumer Mediation.
Member Discounts
NMEDA offers members substantial discounts on our quality technical publications, products and services, affinity programs, and conference fees.
Comprehensive Online Membership Resource
NMEDA provides member access to online resources for marketing, training, government regulations and compliance standards/best practices.
Industry Leadership Opportunities
NMEDA members are given an opportunity to take a leadership position in the industry by serving on committees and participating in testing projects.