Mobility Advocacy

Here members will find resources that will assist in informing you of legislative and regulatory issues that affect the industry and how NMEDA is proactively addressing those issues of greatest importance; specifically, the political or legislative decision-making processes that most significantly impact you, the NMEDA member.

The NMEDA Political Action Committee

NMEDA has established a Political Action Committee (PAC) to help forward the efforts of the Government Relations Program which focuses on the VA, Medicare and other third party providers. The idea is to collect individual political donations that can be combined into meaningful contributions to selected Congressmen and Senators that can help further our causes in Washington DC.

Listed below are several of the projects we have been working on:

  • Establishing specific criteria based on QAP™ requirements for the selection of a mobility dealer to be used by the VA and other government agencies.
  • Clarifying the use of the FSS System and policies regarding who is allowed to be on it based on their own rules.
  • Establishing safety and quality relative to automotive mobility products and services over “lowest price” as a purchasing criteria by government agencies.
  • Working with the VA Prosthetics Department, via the political process, to publish a new automotive handbook.
  • Encourage investigations by congressional committees into the issues surrounding payment standards and processes.

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