Background, Objectives & Methodology

Research was conducted in six select markets to understand awareness levels, key attitudes, decision criteria, influential and lifestyle factors that are components in the decision process to purchase a vehicle modification. Following this year’s National Mobility Awareness Month, NMEDA will be conducting a post-read in the same six markets to gauge the campaigns effectiveness.

The analysis searched to uncover the following key measures:

  • Awareness (Unaided and Aided)
  • Perceived benefits (if any)
  • Lifestyle characteristics
  • Demographic profile
  • Influencers by potential customer segment (age/geography)
  • Competitive awareness and competitive set definition
  • Attributes and importance

150 online interviews were conducted between February 17th through February 21st. Respondents were screened to meet the following criteria:

  • Ages: 18+
  • Reside within 50 miles of the following cities: Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas or San Francisco
  • Caregivers of people with limited mobility or people with limited mobility
  • No competitive employment or households employed in market research, advertising or media

2014 Consumer Awareness Study Results (Post-read)

2014 Consumer Awareness Study Results (Pre-read)

2012 Consumer Awareness Study Results (Post-read)

2012 Consumer Awareness Study Results (Pre-read)

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2010 Study Results: Consumer | OT/PT