Member Benefits

The member benefits of the National Awareness Program will get even better over time, but to sum it up, it is proposed to provide the following Top Ten Benefits:

Build Value & Awareness

Heightens NMEDA and QAP value and brand awareness.
—  Increase awareness
—  Add value
—  Increase demand
—  Trusted voice & expert of the industry
—  Chance to set industry standards

Streamline & Unify

Gives you a streamlined and unified voice in the marketplace.
—  Add value to your membership
—  Increase consumer buy-in & preference
—  Increase sales & repeat business
—  Become nationally/internationally recognized
—  Be seen/revered as a mobility product expert

Increase Do’s

Increase Do’s! Don’t worry, that’s D-O-Apostrophe S, as in this awareness program will do so, so much for NMEDA members.
—  Expand customer base
—  Increase traffic to NMEDA member stores
—  Add significant “value” to membership as a consumer discriminator
—  Positively affect key decision makers

Online Presence

Gain an ACTUAL competitive advantage over those VIRTUAL, Internet-only dealers.
—  Provide easily accessible information to disabled customers
—  Begin building relationships
—  Add value to customer experience
—  Results tracking

Attract New Customers

It’s more fulfilling to attract new customers and tell them exactly where to go to find you and your products.
—  Build awareness of your store
—  Enhance online searches
—  Communicate with 48% of your disabled target
—  Enable those affected by disabilities to become better “abled”

Issue Advocacy

Gets you face to face with your political representatives by enlisting a professional issue advocate to speak on behalf of and lobbying for the NMEDA cause.
—  Promote NMEDA as the governing body
—  Take your issues to Washington or Ottawa
—  Enforce codes, mandates & safety requirements
—  Essentially, have your voice be heard

Grow Taller & Wider!

Makes your dealership taller and wider due to exposure in national publications and media outlets like Sports n’ Spokes and AARP…online!
—  Comprehensive media strategy
—  Presence in magazines like Physical Therapy, Sports n’ Spokes,
Advance for OT Practitioners
—  And even AARP…online!
—  Each media placement extends the reach & increases credibility

Ramp Up Sales

Ramp up sales of your mobility products due to the increased awareness of NMEDA dealers and their brand of mobility products in general … And your store specifically.

Research & Benchmarking

Have access to qualified and quantified consumer research and benchmarking like demographic profiles, influencers by customer segment and the desired consumer lifestyle benefits…and so on and so forth…thanks to our survey.
—  Demographic profiles
—  Consumer influencers
—  Customer segmentation
—  Desired consumer lifestyle benefits
—  And even answers to questions YOU provide via our “Feedback Section”

Tons of FREE Stuff

And the most anticipated member benefit of the NMEDA National Awareness Program-it provides access to  marketing resources and media coverage!

It isn’t too good to be true…it is, in fact, true. All NMEDA members have access to free advertising and marketing materials like print ads, radios spots, web banners and even TV commercials. As time goes by and momentum of the Awareness Program builds, more and more marketing materials will become available for NMEDA dealers to personalize and run in their markets… thus reinforcing the other nine points in the Top Ten Benefits of a NMEDA National Awareness Program.