Our abilities change with age and disabilities. It can be near impossible to do some things. But help is here in the form of gadgets and gizmos. Google the ones you’re interested in. (Prices below are suggested retail and may vary.)

HandyBar $25. Helps you get in and out of the car easier. It is simple to use and no installation is required; simply insert it into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame. Handybar also has a lifetime guarantee.

Car Caddie Door Strap $20. A portable handle that offers balancing support for those with limited mobility getting in and out of a vehicle. Easily installed, it attaches to the frame of most vehicle doors (not convertibles.)

Swivel Seat Cushion $16 -$40. Rotates to allow user to swivel in and out of car seats. 15″ diameter.

Easy Reach Seat Belt Handle $10. Easily snaps onto your safety belt, it offers an additional 6″ to grab on to, making it easier to pull your seat belt toward you.

Rigid Leg Lifter $14. Used to raise or lower legs. Ideal for hip replacement patients. Rod bends easily to accommodate any foot.

Universal Turner $25. Helps grasp and turn small knobs like gas caps and knobs around the home.

Telestik Reacher $30. Allows you to retrieve hard-to-reach items without requiring significant grip strength or dexterity. It features three tools that extend to 34” via stainless steel telescoping arms: a magnetic head, an adhesive pad, and a hook. To open, simply extend the arms like pulling up a radio antenna, or hook the end in a corner or drawer handle, and back away, pulling it open with very little strength or dexterity. Between the three tool heads, you can pick up virtually anything up to one pound. The magnetic head picks up metal objects; the adhesive pad picks up flat-surface items; and the hook picks up items like clothing, and operates light switches. Call 604-542-2982 or visit www.telestik.com.

This mobility safety update has been brought to you by NMEDA – the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Need some information on how to make your vehicle wheelchair accessible or upgraded with the latest and most convenient features? Contact a NMEDA dealer in your local area. Your local NMEDA member is a mobility equipment and accessibility expert!

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