If your disability has prevented you from feeling the wind on your face from atop your favorite motorcycle, you can have the bike converted or get a “trike kit” and modify it.

Adaptive systems allow riders with a variety of right and/or left leg problems, right/or left hand issues and paraplegic riders to vrooooom to their hearts content.

Wheelchair Motorcycles

If a kit or DIY project isn’t for you, you’re going to love this: A wheelchair motorcycle is now being made especially for those with physical challenges from the waist down. It has been specially designed for those with disabilities which do not limit upper body strength.

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle is a three-wheel motorcycle trike that can hit 105 mph (not that any of us want to actually go that fast…) and a speed offering 0-60 in 7.6 seconds. It accommodates both the wheelchair and the driver via a secure locking system, with room for a passenger.

There is no need to transfer from your wheelchair. Via a remote-controlled raising and lowering ramp at the rear, just roll on, lock down and start up. The Conquest features six forward gears, full reverse and an electronic parking brake.

Safety highlights include the rear-loading wheelchair ramp and a wheelchair locking system in the driver’s position with a push-button release.

The three-wheel design balances the bike and the push-button gear shifter is easy to use.

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

The Conquest can be individually tailored to your needs. It has been fully road and track tested and complies with U.S. safety standards. For more information and to see photographs, visit www.mobilityconquest.com. Call 1-800-769-8267. MobilityWorks also sells the Wheelchair Motorcycles, visit http://www.mobilityworks.com/wheelchair-motorcycle.php and is offering rebates through the end of February 2011.

This mobility safety update has been brought to you by NMEDA – the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Need some information on how to make your vehicle wheelchair accessible or upgraded with the latest and most convenient features? Contact a NMEDA dealer in your local area. Your local NMEDA member is a mobility equipment and accessibility expert!

7 responses to “Get Back on the Road with a Wheelchair Motorcycle!

  1. my son is turning 25yr on april 11th he has cp and in a electric wheel chair, he has been saving 100 a month for 9yrs since he has been 16yrs , all his buddies have motorcycles, my son just hit the 10,000 mark after 9 yrs of dedication and determination to get a wheel chair accessible motorcycle, my son just wants some independence and be one of the guys and go ride. is there any way he could make his dream come true with 10 grand. every bike we looked at is 50 grand , which is just terrible, for a person who lives off disability and what they could afford like my son 100 a month would take another 50 years to save and he would be 75 years old, how can we get him his dream his independence a little fun in his life with his buddies, how can we make this a reality, can you help, or steer me in the right direction, we are poor people, and he worked hard for 9yrs saving up to the 10 grand mark, could you please help, sincerely the mom

    1. Dear Ms. Mcauly,

      My name is Justin and I just read the article, followed by your comment, and I had to make sure my own mother didn’t write it! I am in the same exact position as your son (although I’m 24 and am wheelchair bound due to mobility issues from Giullian-Barrè Syndrome) I see so many new motorcycle-like vehicles being made for disabled people, I have not yet found 1 anywhere near the price range of an average person, let alone a fixed income. I know exactly how your son feels, in this day of technology there should be an affordable, commercially available, adaptive motorcycle / tricycle. I personally wouldn’t care how it looked and was made if it got me riding. I just couldn’t help but notice your drive & determination to find something like this for your son and I was wondering if you could please pass on any information you find on any vehicles like this? Any info, links, anything you or your son may find would be greatly appreciated. My email is: Juggalo112845@gmail.com
      I believe that is the email linked to my Facebook as well. Thank you in advance for any info, you and your son have a great day.

  2. I am disabled (100%) veteran amputee and I am most interested in this vehicle.

  3. Can you send me info including price. I am very interested in a Wheelchair Motorcycle. Thank You Mel

  4. As a Canadian paraplegic of 47 years, and a rider prior to the accident, I have wanted to get wind-burn and bugs in the mouth. I’ve been locating links to sites that are no longer valid, or sites that do not return your inquiry. SO, if anyone can provide active sellers or builders of trike, I would very much appreciate it.
    Thanks Helmet Heads!