Electronic controls are a great option for those with limited upper extremity ability or range of motion. They are extremely flexible in terms of amount of movement and physical capability and have a “barrier-free” ride when driving. A NMEDA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealer can make your ride more accessible by providing the necessary electronic controls and ensure your needs are fully met.

What are Electronic Controls for your Wheelchair Van?

Electronic driving controls can relocate necessary driving functions to be more easily maneuvered by drivers with disabilities. Some of these functions can be keyless ignition, power gear selector, remote wipers and headlights controls among many other electronic control features.

What are Different Electronic Control Functions?

Among the many electronic control functions available, many are vital for an easy and accessible driving experience. For example, keyless ignition provides more leverage when shifting gears for those with limited mobility. Another option is remote wipers, horn and signals controls. They can be relocated to be more convenient and operated by hand, elbow, head or knee, whichever works best for the driver’s specific needs.

There are different needs for each individual to be fulfilled. NMEDA QAP dealers offer a great option for people that are unable to use their left hand. The Right Hand Directional-Signal Extension Lever is a device that attaches to the turn signal lever and crosses the right side of the steering column, helping to maneuver signal levers more easily.

Evaluating Your Needs

Not sure which electronic controls you need? No problem! A QAP dealer works with Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS) who are both trained specialists in mobility solutions for individuals. They will give you a one-on-one experience and will help you match the appropriate solutions to fulfill your specific needs. They will help you choose the right equipment for your car and make you feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Because each system is suited for different needs, meet with a NMEDA QAP dealer to help you make the best purchase. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more helpful mobility resources available.

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate for mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. If you need help with converting or buying a handicap accessible van, car or truck, please consider one of our Quality Assurance Program dealers. Every NMEDA QAP dealer and technician has been trained and accredited in the highest best practice standards of quality and service to ensure safe and reliable transportation.

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  1. I go in and out of a wheechair for 9 years now. I’m on disability but am unable to be independent due to my wheelchair and my car. My car is no where near handicapped accessible and my wheelchair is falling apart and with being a single mom of a young child it is tough to even hold him with using a manual wheelchair. Anyway you guys can help?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      We recommend reading our 5 Steps to a New Mobility Vehicle for more information on obtaining a wheelchair accessible vehicle. You can find it here.