The Importance of Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

From determining what type of vehicle conversions are appropriate for drivers or families with special needs to diminishing these challenges and preparing them to get behind the wheel, certified driver rehabilitation specialists help make our roads safer. In fact, with thousands of baby boomers reaching retirement age each day, the demand for these professionals continues to grow.

Who are they?

Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (CDRS) have completed thorough training and education programs in order to provide counsel and support for those in need. With backgrounds in health care or driver rehabilitation, specialists lend a helping hand to drivers experiencing difficulty driving, whether these issues are caused by aging or physical disabilities.

What do they do?

By working with drivers and conducting educated, formal evaluations, specialists determine what mobility equipment would best suit a person’s specific needs. These individuals are charged with ensuring senior drivers, as well as drivers with disabilities or special needs, are safe behind the wheel of their vehicles. Even more importantly, they help these drivers feel secure and confident in their position.

Working in the field of driver rehabilitation is both an exciting and rewarding experience. Currently, there are only about 350 Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists in the US and Canada, a title which demands continued education in the field and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry in order to improve their work.

To find out more information about finding a CDRS, visit ADED – the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.

 The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate for mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. If you need help with converting or buying a handicap accessible car, truck or van, please consider one of our mobility equipment dealers.


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