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The following membership categories explain who qualifies to become a NMEDA member. Find out more about the various types of members, and find out how to become a member today!

Dealer Members

Qualifications for Dealer Members: You must conduct an active business including sales, installation and/or services of mobility and adaptive equipment. Abide by the most current Guidelines, Bylaws and the NMEDA/QAP Rules as published by NMEDA. Full payment of dues will be made prior to obtaining membership.

A Dealer member may also choose to be a Manufacturer member simultaneously, provided dues are paid for each category and all other requirements are adhered to.

A Dealer Member is a single business location that sells and/or installs and/or services adaptive vehicle equipment. Each partnership, company, corporation or sole proprietorship shall appoint and certify in writing to the CEO of the Association the person to be its representative in the Association.



Manufacturer Members

A Manufacturer constitutes a company who produces a product that is installed by a qualified Dealer in a motor vehicle that is used for the purpose of driving a vehicle, accessing a vehicle, securing the individual and mobility device loading and/or unloading a mobility device or other secondary accessories to increase the function or access for an individual with a disability. A manufacturer can also be a producer of a complete vehicle that is sold and/or serviced through a qualified Dealer. The manufacturer shall build products to applicable industry and government quality standards. Manufacturers must have general and product liability insurance as well as a minimum one-year warranty. In addition, Manufacturers must publish product training and/or installation requirements.

Associate Members

An Associate Member is a person, partnership, corporation or sole proprietorship currently engaged in related industries and/or occupations pertaining to adaptive equipment. This includes representatives of governmental agencies, insurance carriers, catastrophic caseworkers, disability related organizations and rehabilitative professionals. Adaptive Equipment Manufacturers or dealers of a vehicle cannot be an Associate Member.


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