1. Accessibility To Doctor’s Offices and Clinics

Due to barriers, individuals with disabilities are less likely to get routine preventative medical care than people without disabilities. Not only is accessibility legally required, it is important medically so minor problems can be detected and treated before turning into major and possibly life-threatening problems.

2. Public Transportation Barriers

These barriers are found in buildings, the physical space around and between buildings and in the virtual environment. To correct these issues would include eliminating obstacles in the built environment, enabling access to public transportation, eliminating obstacles within public vehicles and making it easy to board and disembark, as well as making information and communication services suitable for use by all. The key is to integrate architectural, planning and transport measures throughout and across the entire mobility system.

3. High Unemployment Numbers

Unemployment among people with disabilities who are seeking work is as high as 80 percent in some areas. Two senators in Washington have created a niche initiative targeted at employing people with disabilities. They’re using education and outreach to demonstrate how hiring people with disabilities is good for the bottom line of the businesses that are doing it, which means its good for the shareholders, as well.

4. The Need For Fair Housing

There are three elements necessary to ensure that all people with disabilities have access to appropriate housing. Accessibility – Homes need to be built to accommodate people with limited mobility or other needs. Affordability – A large number of people with disabilities live below the federal poverty level due to high rates of unemployment and the financial burden associated with having a disability. Integration – The proximity of a home to other housing, community amenities, transportation etc.

5. Disability Awareness

It’s important to raise awareness throughout society and combat stereotypes and prejudices relating to those persons with disabilities. The need is to promote a greater social awareness and recognition of their skills, merits, abilities and contributions.

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